Home security is something that every home owner thinks about in the middle of the night when strange noises disturb their slumbers, or they have watched a scary movie or they had cheese for supper. However, home security is important and there are many ways to protect your home. Police departments often have good advice on their web pages or leaflets that they circulate and there are sites likeĀ http://www.6webs.com/best-home-security-systems/ that help consumers decide what system is best for them.


Solid gates in good repair are an obvious way to deter a burglar. Not only do the represent a physical barrier, they also represent a psychological barrier. Simple things like planting thorny hedges or bushes at boundaries or where someone seeking to gain entry to your house might fall on them can also present a deterrent to unauthorized visitors. Do remember that hedges should never be so tall that they provide wrongdoers with a screen. Never leave ladders or tools lying around in the garden, both invite break ins. Put strong locks on sheds and outbuildings.

Outdoor Lighting

Burglars like to do their work unseen, which is why burglars often work at night. They like dark corners and will pass by a well lit garden. Security lights fitted to the outside of your house, which light when triggered by a movement will not only protect your home but they are also useful when you return home late at night.

Doors and Windows

Never leave doors or windows unlocked when you are out. Houses that look impenetrable deter burglars, so put good locks on your doors and windows. A good locksmith will advise you as to the most secure. Some home insurance companies require that you fit particular types of locks. Spy holes and door chains can help you to keep unwanted visitors out.Home security

Be on Your Guard

Always be on your guard as to who you allow into your home.Always ask those claiming to be from utility or other companies for some identity and check that identity carefully, telephone the company using your own telephone directory or records and keep the caller outside while you do so, bona fide officials will not mind at all.

Cancel deliveries if you are going to be absent from home,

Do remember to cancel newspapers and other regular deliveries when you are going to be absent from home for a few days, it might also be worth getting a neighbor, friend or relative to clear the mail and hold it for your return. There is nothing like a pile of mail or newspapers to signal to criminals that the house is empty.

Technological Protection

Technology can also help you protect your home, consider home security systems, home alarm systems, home security cameras, and home security monitoring services. Home security cameras record who is on your property, even when you are not at home. When you are at home, they can help you to keep unwanted callers outside. A security camera’s physical presence deters most burglars, as does seeing a security alarm.

Protecting your home from unwarranted intruders

Householders need to protect their homes. There are many ways that they can do this. Burglars hate light noise, and being seen. Protecting your home from unwarranted intruders needs a many pronged approach, which includes sensible precautions and home security systems and devices.