My name is Jerry Isbinsen, and I set up the TIATime¬†website in order to promote the importance of kids’ safety. It’s easy to think that since most kids have cell phones and play indoors now that you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping kids safe. However, the truth is that danger is still out there.

About six months ago, my nine-year-old daughter was walking to the park with two of her friends. The park sits five houses down from where we live, and our neighborhood is anything but a hotbed of crime. So when my wife watched them approach the corner, right before crossing the street to the park, she thought it was all right to go back inside and get back to her household chores. After all, our daughter had her cell phone with her, and they were only going to play for about an hour.

Ten minutes later, the girls ran screaming back through the front door. My wife got aggravated at first, because they tracked dirt into the house right across the foyer she had just swept and mopped. However, when she got a good luck at their terrified faces, she realized that something awful had happened. When she finally got them calmed down, she learned that a white van had pulled up to the park, and a man rolled down his window and invited them over. One of my daughter’s friends had started walking over to the van, but the my daughter and their other friend grabbed her by the hands, and they ran home with her. Once I found out that there was a predator roaming our neighborhood, I knew that it was time to take action. I started a local awareness group in our neighborhood, with dads patrolling the park in the afternoons and evenings. The purpose of this website is to spread awareness about this problem around our area.